The band was formed as the Majestics in 1963 by Doug McCutcheon- keyboards, Larry Meese- guitar; and John Kirkpatrick- drums, Bill Emery on bass and Dante Rossi- rhythm guitar joined in July of 1964. They were renamed the Dantes, then the Tulu Babies, then finally the Baskerville Hounds. Active from 1964 through 1972, the band became WHK radio's house band for major acts. They opened for The Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, Beach Boys, Dave Clark 5, and many other top acts. Mike Macron replaced John Kirkpatrick on drums after he was drafted in 1966. Several other musicians joined because of military service; Jack Topper on Keyboards; Tom Evans on bass; Wayne Hritz on guitar. Bobby Dillinger replaced Mike Macron on drums in early 70's and was in reformed Hounds of 1980's. The band has had three chart singles on Billboard, one album, one CD, plus many unreleased recordings, several TV appearances, the Upbeat Show and Mike Douglas Show included. They have one movie soundtrack to their credit, "Hurtin' Kind", as the Tulu Babies, in the British-made crime thriller "Gangster No. 1". Their recordings are regularly heard on classic rock radio stations. The Hound's were honored to be featured in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame / Cleveland Rocks exhibit in 2011

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The latest incarnation of the Hounds is currently as follows:

Dante Rossi, vocals and guitar (1941-2019)

Larry Meese, lead guitar and vocals

Doug McCutcheon, keyboards, harmonica, and vocals

Bill Emery, bass guitar and vocals

Mike Macron/ Bob Dillinger, drums